As I’m sure you’re aware, Solicitors Accounts Rules is a specialised area, therefore you need someone you can trust and rely on that is greatly experienced in working with legal firms. Mullen Stoker has vast knowledge and a thorough understanding of the Solicitors’ Accounts Rules and a detailed understanding of a legal firm’s needs and requirements.

Regulatory Inspection by the Solicitors Regulation Authority
if your inspection is imminent, don’t worry, we can give your firm a pre-visit health check that highlights potential problems that may be picked up when inspected. We have helped many of our clients through inspections and we are very proud of our history of unblemished reports following those regulatory visits.

I need to be left to get on with running the practice 
we can supply you with a complete package including bookkeeping services, this ensures your finances are correct and your time is freed up to run your firm.

So what else …. 
Along with the specialist services that are unique to solicitors we also provide our accountancy and business services that are applicable for businesses, see Small/Medium Business and Individual pages for more details.

I’m interested 
Great! Just drop us a line to arrange you free no obligation consultation and we’ll take it from there.

Still unsure 
That’s understandable, choosing the right people to work with you is a big decision. Why don’t you take a look at what our clients say…