Small / Medium Business

The most common considerations when choosing an Accountant are:

  • Can we save you money?
  • How can we help you and your business, and provide you with a top quality service?

Can we save you money?

  • Our Chartered Tax Adviser, and highly qualified team of tax specialists, work proactively to ensure that your tax burden is kept to an absolute minimum and full advantag .e is taken of any tax breaks and schemes available. For example, it may be more beneficial for your business to become incorporated as a limited company, and we would advise you as to the pros and cons of such actions.
  • Our fees are fixed and agreed in advance with you. Beware, some accountants still charge an hourly rate, which may be excessive, and you may find yourself paying for lots of additional extras, e.g. letters, phone calls and meetings etc. In certain cases, we have been able to reduce a clients bill, often by a substantial amount. If we cannot reduce your bill, we can guarantee you a better service and value for money.
  • We can guarantee that you won’t receive any fines for missed deadlines, providing you give us any information we request in a timely manner!
  • Our I.T. specialists could help save you money by offering solutions to help speed up or automate tasks, also helping to reduce duplication, save time and ensure the work produced is more accurate.

How can we help you and your business, and provide you with a top quality service?

  • Many people we speak to feel that they don’t see enough of their current accountant, and therefore the benefit received from the accountant isn’t worth the cost. We believe an accountant should be more than just someone who gives you a set of accounts after the year end. We aim to see our clients at least 4 times per year, depending on each individual clients needs. By getting to know your business well, we can offer the best advice and guidance, and can spot any potential problems at an early stage.
  • “I didn’t start up in business to be bogged down by all this paperwork!” We will cut through as much of the red tape as possible to allow you to concentrate on the real reasons you went into business.
  • We are not the stereotypical accountant. We are friendly and approachable, and you can ask us anything. Business can be a lonely and daunting place, and to have someone you know and relying can ease the pressure.
  • We believe in adding value to the services we provide, e.g. every set of accounts we produce will have additional pages to explain the figures and to help you understand your businesses financial positions better. It may also keep your bank manager happy.
  • We offer a FREE service allowing you 24/7 access via our client portal to all your important documents, e.g. accounts, tax returns etc.
  • Our highly qualified and experienced I.T. professionals can offer advice on how to make your information systems quicker, more flexible and accessible.
  • We speak with many business people who have long established relationships with their Accountants, and at first glance appear to be quite happy with the service they receive. But after further discussion, it emerges that they could be receiving far superior services from us. It is so simple to change accountants because we can deal with everything for you. We can notify your existing accountant and request that all information be forwarded to us. You can rest assured that we will very quickly bring ourselves up to date with your affairs.

The information given here is by no means exhaustive. As every individual and business is unique, we recommend that you contact us for a FREE, NO OBLIGATION, consultation. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain!