We guarantee:

  • That we will break the mould. 
    We do not fit the stereotypical description of ‘Accountant’.
  • Visits of a minimum of 4 times per year.
    Depending the clients individual wants and needs we aim to see our business clients a minimum of 4 times a year. In these meetings we can discuss how everything is going and highlight areas of possible improvement or caution. We can also advise on any legislation changes that make effect you now or in the future.
  • Your work will be carried out by Qualified staff, who are Chartered.
    Every member of the team that works on your Accounts or Audit are fully qualified accountants giving you the quality you would expect and deserve. And don’t forgot we’re Chartered, there are a growing number of Accountancy firms that aren’t!
  • A friendly service.
    We build close relationships with our clients, which in many cases goes beyond the business aspects of life. We pride ourselves on being approachable. It’s awful when you feel uneasy asking a question of your accountant; we want you to feel as though you can approach us with your questions at any time.
  • FREE access to our client portal.
    Just imagine, sitting in front of a bank manager and they ask you for the latest set of accounts or a copy of your tax return and you can’t ‘put your hands on them’, embarrassing? Now imagine while in front of the bank manager logging in to your accountants secure website and printing off a copy, impressive?
    The secure client portal on our website allows you to get 24×7 access to important documents. You can also use it to send ‘sensitive’ and/or large files to us. Why don’t you keep a copy of an important backup on there so it’s off site?
    Also in the client portal we have some interactive utilities (e.g. tax calculators), that are not available unless you login.
  • Access to professional I.T. advice.
    Our dedicated I.T. professionals have a wealth of experience in the industry. They are not simply accountants that dabble in I.T! They can offer solutions that will speed up, automate and simplify your processes, that will make your systems more available, accessible and more secure. We can offer consultancy and bespoke training in many different software’s including Sage and Microsoft products.
  • Specialist tax advice.
    Tax is a vast and complicated area. You can relax in the knowledge that we have a Chartered Tax Adviser who’s main aim is to proactively identify ways of ensuring you pay the minimum amount of tax legally possible. Please be aware, not all accountants firms will have a Chartered Tax Adviser!
  • FREE, NO OBLIGATION, initial consultations.
    Whether your requirements are Accounts, Audit, Personal Tax, IT, Personal Tax, Sage, etc, you can have a free no obligation initial consultation.
  • You will not miss a deadline.*
    It is easy to become preoccupied with the daily running of a business, and deadlines can be missed, which may be costly. You can relax knowing that we will not ‘dr .op the ball’.
  • Remote Assistance.
    Have you ever had a bookkeeping or IT question and/or problem what you find difficult to describe over the phone? We can remote control your machine and look at the problem while you are on the phone, we can even fix it for you there and then while you are watching. Saves you time and money and gives you that reassurance that should you be having problems you have our help quickly at hand. This guarantee is dependent upon you having the right equipment at your end.

Ask yourself if your current accountant can provide you with the same service, or if they can, to the level of quality and experience that we can.

* For full terms and conditions please discuss with your Mullen Stoker representative or refer to your letter of engagement.