Christmas gifts for staff

Readers are reminded that there is a tax-free allowance for the provision of an annual party or other event for […]

Increasing footfall

Footfall measures the number of times a customer returns to your business to purchase goods and services. Many business owners […]

Christmas shopping warning

If you are buying Christmas gifts online this year, take care that you are not presented with unexpected VAT, excise […]

Beware tax scams

HMRC have issued a press release that sets out the scale of criminal activity, convincing taxpayers to part with bank […]

Business exit planning

Unless you are committed to dying with your boots on, there will come a day when you desire to exit […]

What are ULEVs?

ULEV expands to Ultra Low Emission Vehicles. It is an acronym that we will see on a more frequent basis […]

Chips are down

Mention the words chips to most people and fried potatoes would come to mind.   Suggesting that there is a […]